s t a t e m e n t



Painting, for me, is a ritual practice: through the iteration of the sign, in a process of continuous creation and destruction, i peregrinate between the opposites, in a costant research across instinct and rationality, caos and harmony. I believe art is not an end, but a means: art as way, as condivision, as practice and testimony of the beauty.


I use the term ‘monosemich painting’ (from the greek mónos “alone, one” and sèma “sign”) in reference to this ‘unique sign’, as foundament of it. An archetype, the segment of a infinity’s portion, that reverberate itself and saturate the entire surface. Iconoclasty that haunts me, actually it’s just a chimera, where the image, perennialy destroyed seem always rise again, more powerful then before.


The ties with the music – considering my training as composer – are deep and essential like underground rivers. The sign of inaudible pulsing, in a perpetual variation, between pluriphonies, multirhithms, counterpoints and vibrations as basis of entire production.

This search of variety inside the unity regards all the aspects of my work: from morphology to dimenions, from utilized techniques to supports.

Influences on my art are multifarious, but is in the nature that i study the sense of form ...